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From the Hills of Provence to the Litchfield Hills. Your quest for the ultimate soap ends here.
We believe wholly that great soap is not a luxury, rather, a necessary indulgence.


Company Overview
Rain soaps were first created in 2003 and were the result of a desire to create a pure, classic, vegetable based soap that can be used by men and women. Our soaps are made in France by a family-owned company that embodies pure ingredients, quality production, and amazing fragrances. We spent countless hours scouring the finest fragrance producers in Europe to find the purest essential oils to add to the soaps. The end result is a 250 gram bar of triple milled soap, densely packed and chock full of wonderful ingredients like shea butter and olive oil, with pure essential oils added for varying degrees of fragrance. Finally, we hand wrap each bar and finish it off with a simple yet elegant ribbon at our atelier in beautiful Litchfield County, Connecticut.  Our atelier is open by appointment by emailing

Legacy Collection

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We are firm believers in the concept of returning the love that has been given to youAs the creator of Rain, I am allowed to blur the lines between a business running for profit and wanting to give back.  Two of the most profound loves of my life have returned to the heavens above, and I await the day I see them again.  Until then, a small thing I can do to honor their memory is to incorporate their love into this business.  In 2011, I created the Rain Legacy Collection.  All net proceeds from the sale of these soaps are donated to help others.  The stories of both Legacy bars are below:

Highbanks - Jake was brought into our world in 2004, a true gift from God.  Although he had four legs, he was our child.  And our teacher. In 2011, Jake was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer which originated in his GI tract.  As dogs do in general, and Jake in particular, he obviously hid this pain from us for weeks if not months.  By the time he was diagnosed, it was far too late.  We put life on hold and spent 14 days hiking and swimming with our beloved boy before he passed in our arms.  The lessons I learned from Jake I will never forget. Love unconditionally, and take nothing for granted. As he spent so much time at my side in the atelier while I wrapped soap, I wanted to create a fragrance for him.  Highbanks is that fragrance.  Named after the first park that Jake fell in love with, Highbanks is all Jake.  Rich and full of life.  I blended eucalyptus, sage and pine - elements from the earth that he loved so much.  All net proceeds from the sale of Highbanks soap are used to fund canine cancer research and treatment.

June Lilac - I was only 28 when my mom, June, passed away.  Barely out of business school, I had barely begun my professional life.  She was an incredible woman, and one thing that she loved were her lilacs.  Lining one entire side of our yard, these were the old world French lilacs that you can't seem to find anymore.  Each spring, our home would become filled with lilacs.  On the kitchen counter, in the bathrooms, in our bedrooms.  It is really the first scent that become etched in my hard drive.  When I started Rain, I always knew I would have a lilac soap for Mom.  The problem is that lilac is a terribly difficult (and expensive) essence to press correctly.  For years, I searched the finest fragrance houses in Provence looking for the right one.  I finally found it, and in 2011 I was able to introduce June Lilac.  Just like her bouquets, this is the real deal.  All net proceeds from the sale of June Lilac are donated to Hospice and Cancer charities in her memory.

The Fragrances


Original Collection (2003)

  • Black Forest -  We wanted a soap that smelled like a "clean guy" - you know what we mean.  So we worked in our secret scent lab and pulled together essential oils of cinnamon, sandalwood, clove and threw in a little musk (just a little).  This has been a favorite of men and women alike for 10 years running.
  • Bombay Vanilla - Stop thinking vanilla candles.  Our vanilla is pure and bold, not sticky sweet.  This is one we like to use during the dark winter months.
  • French Lavender - Knowing full well that we couldn't make French soaps without a lavender, we kept our task simple: find the absolute best source for essential oil of lavender in Provence - and we did. 
  • Georgia Cotton -  Who knew what we were going to start when we created this one.  The inspiration was fresh clean laundry, so we blended together some incredible ingredients (maybe a little lavender, a little verbena, but we'll never say) and created this crisp refreshing fragrance.  If we were to discontinue Georgia Cotton, there would be a revolt.  Relax.

The Additions (2005)

  • Olive Tree -  We learned quickly that not everyone loves fragrance in their soap.  After some quick deliberation, we created Olive Tree.  Crafted in France in accordance with the centuries-old Marseille tradition, this soap contains no fragrance and is made with nearly 30% olive oil.
  • Verbena - Many ask why this wasn't included in our original batch of fragrances when we started and the frank answer is that we hadn't found THAT verbena worthy of the Rain title.  We finally did and it doesn't disappoint.  Bold and vibrant, this is the one for those of you needing a little assistance waking up in the morning.

The Newbies (2011)

  • Calistoga -  After a visit out west to northern Napa County, we were taken with the natural essences coming from the plant life there.  That, in addition to some time at Calistoga Ranch, inspired us to create this one.  Spearmint, Juniper, Orange Peel and some others blend in a bracing spa treatment in a bar.
  • Highbanks -  We will reserve the story for the "Legacy Collection" section at the top of the webpage, but the fragrance is vibrant and full of energy.  Eucalyptus, sage and pine are in full effect here.  If this isn't enough to convince you to try it, the story will.
  • June Lilac - Our second "Legacy Collection" bar, this one is pure, simple and beautiful, just like its namesake.  Simply the finest French lilac you will ever experience.  We've even conducted smell tests next to the blooming bushes.  People can't tell the difference.
  • Spanish Almond - This one is on its way to stardom.  Soft and subtle, it is made with carefully selected almond oil.  The result is magical.  This is one to reserve for special occasions.  Like everyday.

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